The Friar Society

of the University of Texas at Austin

Theodore Henry Strauss Award

The Theodore Henry Strauss Student Award for Exemplary University Service recognizes a member or members of the Friar Society who have made significant contributions to the university through campus-wide activities. Recipients possess the personal attributes of character and integrity that have earned them the respect and admiration of their contemporaries. This represents the first award of its kind to benefit the members of the Friar Society. A former member and Abbot of the Friar Society, Theodore Henry “Ted” Strauss¬†(BBA 1946) impacted many during his days on the UT campus, and continue to do so to this day. This award is awarded during the Spring semester Friar Reunion.


Chelsea Adler, 2015-2016
Nicole Kruijs, 2014-2015
Reid Long, 2012-2013
Cecilia Lopez, 2011-2012
Stephen Myers, 2010-2011